S.H.E Advisory, Australian Hub, Hong Ding Coultural, hua Jin Capital, and Mr. Anil Thapa of Lumbini buddhist Art Gallery are donating Nepali Rupees 750000 for Ama ko Ghar for Old Homeless and Orphaned Children.

Futhermore not only we put up for production function but we also prioritize social value by supporting Heysay Choeling Monastry which i under the pipeline to construct. it is located at West of capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu in Swoyambhu. With the promotion of our product we offer contribution to support Heysay Choeling Monastry to build as soon as possible. It will be one of the religious Monastry of Nepal which put to be self-important as religious country. We humbly request to all foreigner woh really like to support or help for this buddhist Monastry. Please contact Lumbini Buddhist Thanka Painting School.