Lumbini Buddhist Art Gallery  is located in now what we call Kathmandu,Basantapur, Durbar Square, and this school has been established since 1998 and now we have been established as one of the best Thanka producers and distributor of Nepal. This school is producing lots of varieties of Thanka paintings and making thousands of customers happy with the work of Thanka paintings. We have almost 55 people working as Thanka painters and only 7 of them are called expert or master and we hope to whom we teach the painting, that they will become an expert or master. The main goal of this school is to preserve the ancient art of Buddhism, almost form the decade This Painting school is supporting, preserving and distributing this ancient Thanka painting to many parts of Nepal as well as in the many parts around the world.

We are manufacturer of traditional Thanka paintings. We have many  galleries associated with our gallery and we have cooperation for production, economic development, and in other parts relating to Thanka and Thanka artists. We produce a variety of Thanka paintings based on proper instructions given in the Tibetan text. It’s an important aspect to follow that measurement technique in this process. We are producer, wholesaler, and exporter of traditional Thanka paintings.

Since, 2015 we have started our art gallery in United States of America   

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Anil Thapa is from Bhaktapur, Nepal …”the city of devotees”

Like most Nepalese, Anil was exposed to Thanka art at a young age and began learning the techniques of Thanka paintings. Although his family is hindu, he was drawn to the teachings of Buddhism through the art. He met his lama at age 16 (H.H. Pema Norbu Rinpoch) and has since become a devout practitioner of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Anil is also a painter of Thanka art, studying for almost 9 years, although he still considers himself a student. While at first he began selling the art, he finally decided to establish this as his profession, and founded Lumbini Buddhist Art Gallery, which has been in operation for over a decade.

As a Buddhist practitioner, Anil is also active doing charity work. He makes donations to a monastery in Charang, a remote region in Mustang, Nepal. He is also on the advisory board of an NGO called Suswasthya Nepal (good health Nepal) which is a sub-branch of the acupuncture relief project led by Mr. Andrew Schlabach, which brings together acupuncturists from all over the world to treat Nepali people in rural areas that have limited access to health care.

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